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Everyone loves roses because they are beautiful, but did you know there is more to this flower than just a pretty bouquet arrangement? I don't think I have ever met someone who does not like the natural scent of rose oil. The warm, deep floral, slightly spicy, rich, honey-like odor of rose oil makes it a favorite amongst essential oils.

According to some research, the essential oil derived from the rose plant has a wide range of potential benefits. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to pain relief, anxiety, stress relief, menstrual discomfort relief, increased libido, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, and it also helps ease depressive symptoms.

Although a lot of the research done on rose oil is based on small trials, some clear physiological and psychological benefits have emerged from those studies.

Before using any alternative or complementary treatment, talk to your doctor about any current medical conditions, possible drug interactions, or side effects.

Rose Oil helps ease pain

In a 2015 study, a group of children who had just been operated inhaled either almond oil as a placebo or rose oil. The children who inhaled rose oil had a decrease in their pain levels. Researchers believe the rose oil may have stimulated the brain to release endorphins, often called the "feel-good" hormone. These feel-good hormones can make you feel better, which in return can also reduce pain. Based on this specific research, they concluded that rose oil could be used to reduce physical pain associated with surgery.

Rose oil relieves Pain from menstrual discomfort

Studies have also been conducted on rose oil and its ability to reduce menstrual pain when massaged on the abdominal area. In this study, there was a group of people who were rubbed with a carrier oil (placebo) and people who rubbed their stomach with rose oil, and the rose oil group reported to have fewer cramps than the group who used the placebo oil. Even though I have never tried this before, it was nice to read a peer review research that confirms some of these claims.

Rose oil decreases anxiety and stress

The first time you smell rose essential oil, not rose fragrance, but pure rose essential oil, it gives you a calming effect that is hard to forget.

That is why research has proven that rose oil can decrease anxiety and stress.

In one study, researchers applied rose oil to the skin of different healthy participants and then measured its effects on common anxiety symptoms. Blood pressure, heart rates, breathing rates, cortisol, and blood oxygen levels all decreased. The participants in this trial also reported feeling more relaxed after the rose oil treatments. So next time you are feeling stressed, go ahead and draw a bath with your favorite Rose Essential Oil Bath Salts.

Rose oil has antibacterial, and antifungal properties

Some studies have found that essential oil distilled from roses can be effective against a wide range of microbes that cause infections. Some of these microbes include E. Coli and other strains that are linked to Staph infection, such as (Staphylococcus) and strep throat (Streptococcus). Acne is known to be caused by bacteria. That is why rose essential oil is also known to fight acne associated with bacteria.

Another common infection that rose oil fights might be Candida albicans, which can cause fungal infections in the mouth, gut, and vagina. If you have ever experienced a yeast infection in your life, you would be thankful to know of some remedies.

Rose oil stimulates sex drive

Rose oil has been known to help stimulate sex drive. Multiple studies have shown that the inhaling of rose oil will increase your libido. One particular study among male participants that were on antidepressants inhaled rose oil, and they had significant improvement in their sex-drive and depression state.

This double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled clinical trial showed that the administration of R. damascena oil ameliorates sexual dysfunction in male patients. Further, the symptoms of depression reduced as sexual dysfunction improved.

This particular statement is something that I have heard from multiple people that use pure rose essential oil products.

Rose oil eases depressive symptoms

Studies have found that rose oil helps to improve symptoms of depression. In a study, women who added rose aromatherapy to their daily routine had a significant improvement with their depression than women who only used medication.

Rose essential oil helps release the dopamine chemical, and researchers believe that the chemical helps relieve depressive symptoms.

A good way to add Rose essential oil aromatherapy is to use an all-natural Rose Scrub. Using an all-natural skincare product will do amazing things to your skin while also adding aromatherapy benefits to it.

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