Cleansing Essentials:How It All Begin

Cleansing Essentials:How It All Begin

Posted by Ruby Campos on

In 2017, when my son began battling severe eczema, I embarked on a journey to find relief beyond traditional treatments. Disappointed by steroid-laden remedies, I turned to organic shea butter, crafting my own formula free from harmful additives. Witnessing its transformative effects, I ventured into crafting natural soaps to complement his healing journey.

Driven by a passion for creating solutions, I honed recipes blending extra virgin olive oil, raw organic shea butter, and nourishing oils, culminating in the disappearance of his eczema. Encouraged by family and friends, I launched Cleansing Essentials at the end of 2018, dedicated to sharing the benefits of natural skincare.
Now, nestled in my own soap-making studio, I continue to handcraft each product in small batches, prioritizing organic, vegan ingredients packaged in eco-friendly materials. With a growing range of skincare offerings, transparency remains paramount, reflecting my commitment to quality and sustainability.

In October 2021, we celebrated the opening of our first retail store, expanding our reach and welcoming customers into our world of natural wellness. Alongside our renowned skincare line, we proudly introduce a candle selection made with 100% soy wax and clean fragrance, offering both tranquility and ambiance. Additionally, we host candle-making classes and private parties, inviting others to experience the joy of crafting and creating.


As Cleansing Essentials flourishes, a portion of proceeds supports The Ocean Cleanup, aligning with our mission to protect our environment. Whether you've been part of this journey from the start or just joined, your support fuels my dream and our collective impact. Thank you for choosing Cleansing Essentials.