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A New Mom's Journey on Using Oils on Her Skin

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

This week, we're headed all the way to Spain to chat with Natalie about her experience as a new mom and the benefits of using Cleansing Essentials products.

Natalie, 33


It is no secret that being a new mom is hard! After a very complicated pregnancy, I experienced hormonal changes and sleepless nights while taking care of the baby. Because I was always too tired to have a proper skincare routine, my skin completely changed. I went from having normal skin to having a very oily T-zone. This, naturally, made me very self-conscious of my appearance, especially considering the the 40 pounds I gained.

When my baby was about three months old, I decided that I needed to start taking care of my skin again. So, I spent a long time reading about the hottest new products and I ended up purchasing some pricey but supposedly miraculous toners and moisturizers. I remember how excited I was to try new products. All the research I did on these items seemed so promising, and I even spent more than what I usually would, as a gift to myself.

Unfortunately, my happiness quickly faded away. After a few weeks of using my renowned products, I realized they don't work for me. The moisturizer, Lancer Nourish Blemish Control, left my face feeling very sticky, while the cleanser and tonic did nothing to get rid of the oil. It was difficult to accept that it was a mistake to spend so much money on products that did nothing for my skin.

Since I still wanted to have healthy skin, my friend recommended I should start using more natural products, such as coconut oil, castor oil, essential oils, and brown sugar. I did not follow her advice for a while because I thought it was such a messy and time-consuming task to mix and apply these to my face.

One day, my in-laws took the baby for the afternoon, so I finally had the time I deserved for a spa day. I rushed to my pantry and applied a mix of natural products, such as honey, coconut oil, oatmeal, and cucumber; after 30 minutes I removed the paste, and my face looked less red and had a natural glow to it. My spa day had been a success!

I told my friend how I loved using natural skin products, and that I really wanted to continue this regimen, but I just didn't have the time to keep it up. She knows that as a new mom it was going to be hard for me to do this daily, so she was kind enough to send me some natural scrubs and oils from a new vegan skincare line. The products consisted of a blend of oils, called Rose Glow Face Oil, a Rose Kaolin Clay Mask, and a Lemongrass Sugar Scrub from a new skincare line called Cleansing Essentials.

I started using the Rose Kaolin Clay Mask and Lemongrass Sugar Scrub at least once a week, and the Rose Glow face oil first thing in the morning and before bedtime.

At first, I was skeptical about adding oil on my face, after all, oil is the last thing you want on your acne-ridden skin, but I still did it because I trusted my friend. She also sent me some articles explaining how nourishing certain oils can be for your skin and how some fight acne-causing bacteria without leaving your face oily.

After only a few days, I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin. I noticed it was less irritated and red, my zits were shrinking away, and overall, my skin was getting firmer, healthier, and younger-looking.

This experience made me realize that pure and natural is most of the times better and that you don’t need all the benzoyl, salicylic acid, alcohol, and preservatives that most beauty products have. In my case, the benefits of rosehip and other soothing ingredients found in the Rose Glow face oil was all I needed.

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